Tuesday, October 24, 2006

For those of you just joining us...

It occurs to me new readers may be wondering what the fuss is all about. Here are a few of my hand-picked (by my intern) favorite Termite Art posts:

-Pete L'Official sort of meets Dave Chappelle.

-As part of our special week on TV we love, Matt Singer's appreciation of celebrity chef/asshole Gordon Ramsay.

-R. Emmet Sweeney on this year's Miami Vice.

-Drew Tillman on Altman's best film (my opinion, not his): California Split.

-R. Emmet Sweeney on Manny Farber and manly action films.

-Matt Singer analyzes the advertising for this year's remake of The Hills Have Eyes.

-R. Emmet Sweeney on obscure gem Mister Buddwing.

-Matt Singer on why Albert Brooks is the unfunniest, most overrated comedy director in America.

-Jaime Mastromonica on her Bruce Campbell obsession. (Come back to us Jaime!!)

-R. Emmet Sweeney on Stick It and The Break-Up.

-Matt Singer on A Prairie Home Companion.


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