Thursday, October 12, 2006

It's not about American Idol

Greetings fellow Termite Artists, TA Devotees, and faceless people who Googled this site by mistake!

Like R. Emmet, I also like to talk about myself, which is why I'm going to direct you to my blog Seen. The link is also listed to the left sidebar--see it? Anyway, there you have an even shorter short-cut to it so you can hurry over and chime in on the movies I've been seeing lately. I wouldn't normally take time out to promote a blog that's already being promoted on this very site that I also write for, on occasion, at least. But I have to butt in to say I'm finally on my John Ford Movie Marathon, and that's important, because I know so many of you adore him, too.

Mr. Tativille is a Ford fan with the matched degree of enthusiasm of TA's R.Emmet, though maybe Tativille is a bigger fan than R. Emm? Or is it the other way around? Duke it out on the comments section over at Seen, fellas. And yes, that was just another handy short cut. You're welcome.

Mr. H has recently gifted me with an 800+ page book called "Searching for John Ford: A Life," by Joseph McBride. As I page through this behemoth while watching as many Ford films available from the Netflix catalogue over the next couple or so months, feel free to stop by and be enlightened by my thoughts and observations. Or perhaps enlighten me! Yeah, do that. And, of course, there'll be notes and meanderings on every other past and new release I watch. ALL THAT ON ONE SITE.

Oh, and I promise to come back here and post again soon, too. Pinky promise.


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