Sunday, October 08, 2006

The Power and the Glory

The grotesque joy you see to the left, Willie Randolph grimacing as he pops the latest magnum of champagne from his groin, stirs something deep inside me. In 2000 everyone knew the Mets didn't belong, what with their Benny Agbayanis and Timo Perezes, a team of likable overachievers, but not champions. Today, now, we have a team not embarrased to look like fools, because their confidence negates their self-consicousness. If we want to shoot off liquids from our crotch, then hell, lets do it! They know no one can judge them for it. And truthfully, it's what I would've done too. Get a bunch of guys in a locker room and dick jokes fly like Delgado moon shots. It's a beautiful day.

And this....this is just funny.


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