Tuesday, October 03, 2006


Premiering this Saturday, October 7th at 7:30 PM on IFC. I'm the narrator and did a little work on the script. Here's the show's description from IFC.com

Outlines the popularity of J-horror films in America, tracing its historical roots in Japanese culture, their successful (or unsuccessful) translation in American blockbuster remakes, and finally, how the phenomenon has opened the doors of Asian cinema to America. The news special follows Japanese filmmaker Taka Ichise, the producer responsible for bringing J-horror directors like Hideo Nakata and Takashi Shimizu to the forefront of Japanese cinema. Our cameras will capture Ichise-san on set of his latest horror film in Japan.

It replays throughout the month; check the IFC.com schedule page for the latest. Here's a current list of additional showings:

Sunday October 8, 3:55 AM
Thursday October 12, 12:25 AM
Sunday October 29, 6:55 AM
Sunday October 29, 5:00 PM
Tuesday October 31, 9:55 AM, 3:10 PM, 8:30 PM (HALLOWEEN!)

Watch...if you dare...

...Actually, please just watch. You dare. You totally dare.


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