Wednesday, October 18, 2006

The Voice's Best of NYC: A lovely parting gift

So our time at The Village Voice is at an end. Hello, we must be going. But in this weeks mondo Best of NYC issue, our old buddy Dennis Lim gives us a fitting shout-out:

Best Local Movie Blog

We have a soft spot for the freewheeling Termite Art (, staffed by Voice contributors Matt Singer and R. Emmet Sweeney.

That is so cool. And though we didn't get the top spot on his list, we're honored and delighted to be listed in such superb company: obviously I don't need to validate my love for Alison Willmore and the IFC Blog and, frankly, we like Dave Kehr a whole lot better than Termite Art too.

Speaking of The Voice, even though we've all been shit-canned, maybe you want to do this?

The Village Voice is looking for a film editor. We need someone with a deep, working knowledge of movies past and present, a passion for the form, and the skill and experience necessary to edit critics, assign reviews and coordinate coverage of releases in seventeen major American cities. The job requires high energy, a reader-oriented sensibility and a commitment to provocative, entertaining criticism that informs, challenges and excites a broad national audience. We're not looking for a film scholar or historian; we want an experienced, smart, witty, hard-working editor to produce coverage that appeals to the widest possible audience.

So you have to have a deep knowledge of film, which you can apply to provocative criticism, without being a scholar or historian. That's gonna be tough. (Kudos to The Reeler for the link)


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