Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Lessons Learned: Los Angeles, Pt. II

One day in December, I found myself in L.A. This startling discovery allowed me to find other things, forgotten until this moment. Here they are, remembered and bulleted:
  • Avenue of the Stars intersects with a street called Constellation...
  • ...not to mention also crossing Galaxy Way and, finally, Empyrean Way.
  • A Mercedes Maybach is an appropriate car to park outside of the Bentley showroom.
  • Crystal chandeliers on Rodeo Dr. are shielded from harsh winter snows by glass boxes.
  • Skinny white girls walking on Rodeo Dr. wear 'G is for Gangsta' T-shirts.
Unfortunately, I had left the Irony Anklet© ("It Knows It When It Sees It!"™) that I usually wear at home, along with my sunglasses which, as my host made clear, should have been the only things I packed for the trip.

Fred Durst had nothing good to say about my work. I did not meet him. Though I learned that D.A. Pennebaker likes the Voice. Or at least, he did.


Blogger Ed said...

Pete — Have just returned from L.A. (a/k/a "Akivaville")...where I came across that very sign! Or rather, that post with multiple signs. It's very... M*A*S*H/Peanuts.

4:09 PM  

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