Thursday, January 19, 2006

Van Nest Polglase is Smiling

If this picture does not have you aching to see the major motion picture entitled Idlewild, I do not wish to associate myself with you or your brethren.

The musical impresarios known as Outkast have made a musical. And from the looks of it, have a grasp of its history. The group's handle on the absurd, their good-naturedness, and the overflowing creative juices that drip all over the damn place make them an ideal fit for the genre. As does their love of fancy dress. Oh, and their music which is some of the finest our young millennium has produced. The releases of Aquemini through Speakerboxxx/The Love Below have been revelatory, sticky, bouncy, and serious. The film has new music.

The trailer for the film is available here, not quite a thrill ride but Macy Gray's in it as a boozy showgirl and that should be enough. It didn't even contain a scene from the above photo, whose coming is making me woozy. Well, that's probably the lack of sleep, but it's more fun and romantic to believe in art. Take me away Andre, take me away.


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