Wednesday, January 25, 2006

"You've Got A Powerful Serve"

I didn't laugh unexpectedly during -- nor enjoy -- M.P. as much as I did, say, A History of Violence, but smiles were cracked once Scarlett Johansson had me thinkin' 'bout No-Direction-Home-Dylan most-way through: "I don't belieeeeve you." Nevertheless (or, because):

Top 7 Lines From Match Point That Would Be Much Less Funny If Spoken Without an English Accent:

1. & 2. " You got a wok?" (2x)
3. "I was never going to be Rusedski [We should all hope not] or Agassi..."
4. "To hell with her! The Motorcycle Diaries! Let's go!"
5. "Darling, you've had one too many G&Ts..."
6. "You're perfectly capable of getting a girl pregnant."
7. "Amazing energy! Love it! Envy it!"

2 More Lines That Would Be Much Less Funny If Spoken Without Whatever Peculiar Freakishness Allows Scarlett Johansson To Speak As If A Smoke Machine Was Attached To Her Trachea:

8. & 9. "I want an Aston-Martin!" (2x)

1 Line, Screamed Repeatedly, That Is Funny, For Oh So Many Reasons, Regardless Of Tonal Inflection:

10. "You're a liar!" (10x)


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