Friday, February 11, 2011

An Invitation

Dear People Who Have Eyeballs-

If you've enjoyed me talking about movies in the past, I'd like to extend an invitation to join me for an experiment in a new way (for me at least) of talking about movies.

Next Wednesday, February 16th at 10pm eastern, my Gymkommentary buddy, Chris Moreno, and I will hold a live movie chat on UStream. Our plan is to do an informal review and conversation about the new cave-diving movie SANCTUM and then to take phone calls over Skype from you, the people who have eyeballs, about any movie-related topic you may want to discuss. At this point, all this is is an experiment. This is not a "new podcast" or "new show" or anything like this. This is just me and Chris trying something out. But we really hope you'll join us -- and if it goes well? Who knows.

We'll give the details of our Skype call-in info during the actual show, but if you want to bookmark the page THIS IS THE LINK TO BOOKMARK. The name of the show means nothing. It is all my feeble brain could think of late Friday afternoon after a very long week.

Hope to see you next Wednesday night at 10pm eastern. Bring your eyeballs. And your earballs.

Wait, what?

Sincerely and with great optimism for the future of humanity,
Matt Singer

(NOTE: Because this is an experiment and because we have absolutely no idea what we're doing technologically speaking, Chris and I reserve the right for this all to go horribly, embarrassingly poorly. Come prepared with that knowledge. But also come knowing if it does go ass up, it'll probably be super funny to watch.)