Thursday, June 07, 2007

Depressed Danes

You don't have to worry about Lars Von Trier anymore. He told a Danish newspaper in May that he was admitted to a hospital because of depression, and that all of his upcoming projects were on hold (including the conclusion of the USA trilogy, Wasington, and his Satan created the world lark, Antichrist) because of it. Peter Bradshaw of The Guardian immediately smelled another publicity stunt for the provocateur, but only Lars knows how bummed out he really was. On a newly posted interview on Radar, however, he claims:

"I've been through three months of depression in the last year, and for some reason everyone seems to think I'm in a straight jacket, which I'm not."

So it seems it's simply an issue of an offhand comment blown out of proportion, although I'm sure he didn't mind the publicity. In order to calm his legion(?) of well-wishers, he snapped the above photo (note how the day's paper is shoved in to prove it was taken recently) and now all is well with the world.

And I think The Boss of it All is really very funny.


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