Friday, May 18, 2007

Cannes Photo Blog Part 1

How many parts you ask? As many as I can muster after a night spent watching new Coen Brothers movies and drinking wine at awesome French cafes that look like something out of a Robert Mitchum movie until 3 AM.

(Is No Country For Old Men the best movie of the year, you ask? It's an unfair question, says I, because the year's not even half over. Screw it, I says a moment later, the thing's a near masterpiece)

First up, here's a picture of the Palais while a red carpet is in full swing, from the vantage of the balcony where we film all our Cannes Cam webshows, which I'm sure you're all watching. You can click on these pics, by the way, for mega-giant versions of them.

Next, here's comedian Jerry Seinfeld in a bee costume suspended from a zip line as he swings down from the roof of a hotel, all in the name of publicity for his upcoming animtated feature, Bee Movie. If this doesn't make you want to see it, I don't know what will.

Not to name drop but, ahem, I interviewed Wong Kar-Wai. The guy is just plain cool. And funny! He needs to make a comedy.

That's all for now. But be sure you're logged on to the Cannes Cam tomorrow, Saturday the 19th, at 12:30 EST. I'll be hosting the red carpet show for No Country For Old Men (and, again, the movie is awesome) with a special guest. PLUS we'll probably also do something cool for the Michael Moore premiere later that afternoon. TUNE IN!