Monday, May 07, 2007

Dueling Maddins

My interview with Guy Maddin went up today at IFC News, but I was shocked and chagrined to find that Termite Art patron Dennis Lim had his own Maddin piece up at some lesser known publication. My poor article will undoubtedly pale in comparison to the ever-lucid prose of D Lim (and it does!), so I might as well pack it in and quietly weep on the linoleum floor of my bare apartment. And I have.

But the old gray lady would never have GM console a mother about her masturbating son and tell slimy anecdotes about Isabella Rossellini and dog tongues would they? So I've got that going for me.


Blogger P.L. Kerpius said...

Please don't cry, Rob. I read your interview yesterday with sheer delight. And to protest your competition, I will defer reading the NYT piece until at least tomorrow. There. Mopin' time's over. Have a beer--you talked hockey with GM!

10:34 PM  

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