Monday, May 14, 2007

Idol Eve

TA resident Idol guru here.

Friendly reminder: American Idol is almost out for the season, so do tune in tomorrow night for the Top Three showdown! I must apologize for my unbearably long absence from TA, though, in my defense, as the Idol expert, I can assure you that the middle of the season is always a bit dull and I had hardly any constructive commentary to add to the slew of mediocre performances. It would not have amounted to much more than something like:

"Get outta here Haley"

"Get outta here Phil"

"Get outta here Sanjaya"

And you know, they're gone, god bless 'em.
Now we are left with the best:

Melinda, the most professional and polished of the threesome. My guess is she'll be our runner-up, but only because she lacks the grit and soul we were searching for in all of this year's divas. All of them have outstanding vocals (the late Idol LaKisha included), but none are as risky and emotional as the soul sisters of the past seasons (e.g. Fantasia). If anything keeps Melinda from winning it's her reluctant, almost sterile, personality.

Blake, whose beatboxing is both a virtue that makes him stand out, and his vice when it gets over used on bad Bee Gee's songs. He also looks freakishly seductive when he sings, and no 10-year-old text voter likes that.

and Jordin, my current vote for the winner, who has the spark and vocal versatility of Ms. Kelly Clarkson herself. No one this season has shown as much improvement in showmanship and song choice, and at 17 years, the girl's got pipes. She's likeable across the board of voters, and Simon's predicted her as the winner (that's a good indication).

Tune in tomorrow, 8/7 Central.

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