Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Happy Election Day!

This film critic is almost as equally devoted to politics and the joy of Election Day as she is the movies. Thus, a preliminary report of today's Election Day returns, MSNBC graphics, and other televised sightings, both sweet and grotesque alike. So here we go, some of my favorite moments up until now, 10:25pm CST--because this midterm election is turning out to be as nearly important as our national general election.

Hope everyone (eligible) made it to the polls.

Most Tragic Moment
Former Senator Rick Santorum's (R-PA) children bawling on stage during his concession speech.
(Did you see his little girl grasping her dolly in tearful hysterics?)

Most Compelling Chris Matthews Argument
Tie--between his terse exchange with Howard Dean (Chairman, DNC) in which he demands an answer to the Dems' plan in Iraq; and with his continuing showdown with panelist Joe Scarborough (the competition is to see who will first tilt their head and/or neck while speaking).

Most Anticlimactic MSNBC Graphic
Keith Olbermann's rip-off of Tim Russert's whiteboard scribbles of the 2000 Election.
(He used a computer marker to circle the northeastern region of states that went Dem, with text that read "ALL DEMS." C'mon, Keith. Computer markers just don't have the same punch as Russert's dried-out dry erase markers did.)

Biggest Shock
That incumbent Virginia Senator George Allen (R-VA) was able to run this race in a dead heat with James Webb (D) after his disgustingly racist "macaca" remark. Which he made on video tape. That was widely circulated. And shown on Meet The Press. Tsk...

Best Fox News Report
I don't know. I couldn't bring myself to watch for longer than 3 minutes.

Biggest, Grandest News Desk
Easy one. This title goes to the throne over on NBC that's shared by Brian Williams, Tim Russert and (he's baa-ack) Tom Brokaw. (It must be 12 feet wide!)

Best Female Senate Race Winner Being Applauded By Her Husband and Former U.S. President
Hillary Clinton (D-NY). Looking sharp in a yellow suit, a nice middle-ground color indeed.
(Billy stood behind her on stage for her speech, mouth agape, apparently hanging on her every word. He also clapped very slowly and theatrically. The crowd roared.)

One final regional note from Chicago: They don't hand out "I Voted" stickers here. Someone better have a good reason for this.

Good-night, America!


Blogger Matt Singer said...

Truly, P.L., you have done a great service to the public. Why you weren't watching Directed by John Ford, though, I'll never know.

2:15 AM  
Blogger P.L. Kerpius said...

Ah, never would I turn away from Election Day coverage. This is the biggest day of the year--to hell with Christmas Day, Birthdays, Thanksgiving Days, by God give me Election Day. Besides this midterm election being one of the most important in recent history, it's fascinating to witness the endless antics among the MSNBC strategists, reporters and hosts trickle into the morning hours. Chris Matthews looked haggard indeed on this Election Day-After.

Top that with Rummy's resignation and the humble tone of Bush's press conference, and we have ourselves a fine two days of news coverage.

If only I had a map to fill with respective blue and red scribbles. 2008, I await you.

9:46 PM  

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