Thursday, March 25, 2010

TCM: The Prowler (1951)

This week on the mighty Movie Morlocks blog I futz with Joseph Losey's THE PROWLER (Read it here). It's a perv-y, suffocating vision of two dull class-climbers pursuing their version of the American dream. Made by Joseph Losey and Dalton Trumbo who were both soon blacklisted, it's a thoroughly disillusioned take on American institutions. Van Heflin dominates with his horny resentments against the upper classes. Evelyn Keyes falls for his dubious charms out of sheer boredom - and the couple leaves a body in their wake. Fun and games. Today's its last day at the Film Forum (who quoted my enthusiasm on their site, and added a necessary exclamation point!), so if you're in NYC, it's imperative to swing by.

But how to fill the rest of this space? Hm. Since all I've been thinking about is baseball recently (and Van Heflin), here's a photo of Arizona Diamondback relief pitcher Clay Zavada, winner of last year's Robert Goulet Memorial Mustached American of the year:

Oh, and there's this too: