Tuesday, March 16, 2010


I'm going try and update my various maneuverings back here at Termite Art, which I've been painfully neglecting for months now. Perhaps decades. So unless it's too annoying, I'll be linking to my TCM posts every week back here, with valuable additional commentary. This week, I watch John Carpenter's Elvis (1979) on the new Shout Factory! DVD and admire quite a bit of it. Link......here.

The movie's worth it for Kurt Russell's athleticism and Carpenter's roving camera. The script is riddled with pop-psychology and bio-pic cliche (it is a TV-movie, after all), but its plastic beauties are formidable.

List of the week: Most Interesting Faces I've Seen This Year (TM)

1. John's craggy pockmarked visage in Sweetgrass
2. John Travolta: scrunched, goateed cue-ball in From Paris With Love
3. Anne-Laure Meury: inquisitive, radiant, edged with baby fat in The Aviator's Wife
4. Stephen Baldwin: a sagging potato-sack with a five o'clock shadow: Sharks in Venice
5. Dolph Lundgren: hatchet shaped-head, beady eyes, flesh stretched to breaking point: Command Performance

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Blogger Michael J. Anderson said...

I like this new feature, Robert. I don't always remember to check MOVIE MORLOCKS, much as I should.

Also, +1 on Anne-Laure Meury's memorable face, circa 1980/1. I can picture her now - and I am. When you make it to BOYFRIENDS AND GIRLFRIENDS, you will see her seven years later without the baby-fat. She is still quite beautiful, but never again will be as charming as she was in THE AVIATOR'S WIFE

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