Thursday, September 27, 2007

New Wes Anderson Film Online

...his new short film anyway.

Hotel Chevalier is the 13-minute prologue to Anderson's upcoming feature, The Darjeeling Limited, which opens the New York Film Festival tomorrow night before launching in select theaters.

Chevalier stars Jason Schwarztman (playing the same role he does in Darjeeling) alongside Natalie Portman as a character who is discussed throughout the feature but never seen. It's been screened before Darjeeling on the festival circuit, but it's been removed from the theatrical print. Why, I dunno; I heard rumblings that Fox Searchlight thinks it makes the whole experience a bit too long, but that seems silly because it really doesn't.

In any event, the short provides some crucial background for Schwartzman's character -- frankly, without Chevalier, he probably wouldn't make a whole lot of sense. So -- and this is kind of the cool part -- Anderson & co. have made the short available for free download on iTunes. If you plan on seeing Darjeeling, you're gonna want to check it out first.

Oh and Natalie Portman is naked in it. FYI.



Blogger Wealthy Pete said...

I was partly frustrated with the connect-the-backstory-dots, and seeing Portman's rib cage had me worrying about her health.

3:25 PM  

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