Tuesday, August 07, 2007

The Siskel & Ebert & Roeper Video Review Archive

I've written about Siskel & Ebert (later Ebert & Roeper) on numerous occassions on Termite Art. Most of those times I was poking fun at the hosts and their contentious promo recording sessions, which often devolved into name-calling of the most childish sort. You can click the links and revisit the posts, and watch the most important critics of their generation playing neener-neener-neener.

Still, all that writing came from a place of love — Siskel & Ebert was always one of my favorite shows as a teenager (though, at that age, I never admitted it to anyone). Though I had no idea at the time, watching the show was incredibly important; those episodes (first on 11 AM on Sundays, later nearer to midnight on Sundays, which was a hardship for a high school student who treasured his sleep, but I made the sacrifices) was probably the first time I realized that a few lucky people got to watch movies as a job. It wasn't long before I decided this is the greatest job in the entire world (short of Gary Cohen's, but there's only one of those).

So I'm absolutely delighted to tell you that you can now watch 5,000 old Siskel & Ebert (& Roeper) reviews on the show's official website AtTheMoviesTV.com. The site is searchable by movie so you can check out, for example, a heated debate over PREDATOR or hear what Gene and Roger thought of Twins or Red Heat, The Running Man. They also have reviews of non-Arnold Schwarzenegger movies as well.

This is a wonderful resource, easy to use and absolutely free. Kudos. Now if only they'd put up some of those legendary promo fights and let us watch those as well.



Blogger Pete said...

I've already spent about 4 hours on this site in the last few days, searching all my favorite movies post-1985 (Wayne's World video is "coming soon"). I love laughing at their bickering or at a really good takedown of something like "Ed". Though when they are both on the same page, like Ebert & Roeper's exstatic review of "In America" I can't help but smile.

Anyone else glad that Ebert is writing reviews on Fridays once again? For me, he's the soul of film criticism, and now that he's back, I'm excited again about films.

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