Saturday, August 04, 2007 and's List of the Greatest Sex Scenes in Cinema

In conjunction with IFC's Indie Sex, IFC News partnered with to compile a joint list of the 50 Greatest Sex Scenes in Cinema. You can read the whole list, complete with comments by the staff of IFC News (including myself as well as the incomparably married R. Emmet Sweeney) by clicking this link. And here, now, is our full list, sans all the juicy comments you need to click over to read:

50)Ken Park
49)Laurel Canyon
47)The Dreamers
46)Sex Lies and Videotape
45)Breaking the Waves
43)Tie Me Up! Tie Me Down!
42)High Art
41)High Fidelity
40)The Lover
39)The Piano
36)Boogie Nights
34)The End of the Affair
33)The Last Seduction
32)Being John Malkovich
30)Me You and Everyone We Know
29)9 Songs
28)Henry and June
27)Boys Don't Cry
26)Out of Sight
25)Female Trouble
24)The Cooler
23)Brokeback Mountain
22)The Wayward Cloud
21)The Kiss
19)Sex and Lucia
17)Body Heat
16)Coming Home
15)Get Carter
14)Team America: World Police
13)Y Tu Mama Tambien
12)The Night Porter
10)Young Frankenstein
9)The Big Easy
7)My Beautiful Laundrette
6)Betty Blue
5)The Unbearable Lightness of Being
4)Risky Business
3)Mulholland Dr.
2)A History of Violence
1)Don't Look Now

Thoughts? I'm a little upset I forgot about The Hunger.



Blogger Pete said...

I'm surprised at the omission of Last Tango in Paris. I haven't seen the film, but I thought the sex scene is the only reason it's famous.

It's a pretty wacky list... Team America?

My favorite sex scene would probably be the one in "In America". What other film could have a sex scene with nudity and keep a PG-13 rating because it's done so artfully? Snubbed!

6:54 AM  

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