Monday, February 12, 2007

This Week on IFC News...

In honor of Valentine's Day, termites Matt and Rob (plus Termites-in-spirit Alison and Michelle) talk about their favorite un-sexy sex scenes. Here's a sample from R.'s piece:

They whisk each other away to Havana on speedboat fumes, gropingly do the salsa, and (cue the angsty Chris Cornell ballad) furtively hump under latticed shadows at a seedy hotel. It's all Hollywood handbook seduction — lots of dead-eyed stares and sensitive cheek grazing, but no hint of idiosyncrasy or humor — that is, nothing identifiably human. At least Tubbs (Jaimie Foxx) gets a cute premature ejaculation joke in his scene of amor.

Also, I've got two new reviews, of the Serbian film Grbavica, about women trying to survive on their own after the Bosnian war, and the French film Days of Glory, about North African soldiers remarkable sacrifices during World War II. It's a good week for political docudramas:

So to say that "Days of Glory" is perhaps more important than it is good, or to note that it is a uniquely French experience (just as, perhaps "Glory" is an American one) does not matter. The movie has already changed the world for the better and is now as much a part of history as a retelling of history. At that point, everything else is pretty much gravy.

And on the IFC News podcast, Alison and I discuss the career of Nicholas Cage. And remember, you can now subscribe to the IFC News podcast on iTunes. So now it really is a podcast, not just a sound file you can stream.


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