Friday, February 09, 2007

Nashville Star: The Greatness of Angela Hacker

See that lady right there? That's Angela Hacker. She's one of the contestants on the fabulous reality television program Nashville Star (hosted by Jewel, who should really quit singing and become a host full time. She offers constructive criticism and actually seems to care about the contestants). I adore Angela. Her voice crackles with warmth, and then she belts out the chorus and it breaks your heart. Goodness. Every week she's even better, and the episode tonight, where the contestants sing their original tunes, she was sublime. It was a breakup song ("Losing You Was Not A Total Loss") filled with the kind of bittersweet humor that can only be called wise. It's not up on YouTube yet, but I suggest you watch it on the official site when they pop it up there.

So Nashville Star has another star to place next to Miranda Lambert (whose album Kerosene is one of aught five's best).

Angela Hacker is a 29 year old single mother from Muscle Shoals, Alabama (and if she loses to that punk David St. Romain I will weep).


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