Saturday, February 03, 2007

Speaking of the Ranger

Lord knows I don't come 'round these parts often enough. I'd like to post more often but in all honesty I'm intimidated by the two-headed monster known as Singer-Sweeney. It's one thing to mop the floor with Singer in a karaoke competition...another entirely to challenge him in cinephilic knowledge.

Anyway, as a faithful reader of Termite Art I was inspired to post after reading the entry on Chuck Norris. The above video (found on Wonkette) is a tour-de-force of awkwardness, and makes me wish Mr. Norris had Tony Snow's job.


Blogger Matt Singer said...

The idea that Chuck Norris is qualified to perform Sean Hannity's job blows my mind. Does it work the other way around? If Norris pulls a hammy and can't do Missing in Action IV: Still Missing, does Hannity grab some ammo and head to Saigon?

Good find, Drew.

10:08 PM  

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