Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Notes on a Sundance Film Festival

-Days at Sundance: 5

-Number of Movies I Covered: About 20

-Number of Movies I Saw: 1 (2 if watching Snakes on a Plane on DVD tonight counts)

-Best (And Only) Movie I Saw at the Festival: Snow Angels

-Funniest asshole encounter: the gentleman at one of the corporate lounges who launched into one of the most condescending tirades I've ever heard in my life. Our crew had innocently plugged our lights into a wall socket, not realizing that there were special sockets reserved for us. After a couple interviews, said gentleman came over and, without an introduction or hello, let loose with, "Who's the dimwit who doesn't know how to plug in a light?" At a basic level this isn't even a correct insult; we knew how to plug in, just not where. "We have dedicated lights for you guys! But you need to ask!" he roared. Difficult to ask when you don't know you're supposed to.

-Number of Parties I Attended: 0

-Number of Alcoholic Beverages Consumed: 4

-Most Charming Male Interview Subject: Billy Crudup

-Most Charming Female Interview Subject: Sarah Polley

-Number of Compliments Received on My Interview Technique: 2 (Sam Rockwell, Bob Balaban)

-In Joke of the Festival: Encouraging members of the IFC News team with the phrase "Dude -- cut a hole in the box!"

-Most Surreal Moment: Briefly speaking to Dennis Hopper about The Last Movie before our interview. When I told him I'd just seen the film a few months ago at Anthology and that I absolutely loved it his response was more perfect than I could have ever imagined: "Really?" he said. "Far out."


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