Tuesday, November 28, 2006


Apropos of nothing, with Tottenham Hotspur adrift in the middle of the English Premier League and the Bills languishing at the bottom of the AFC East, there hasn't been much futbol joy or football joy recently. (Though that's changing, with the nattily initalled man-beast QB J.P. Losman muscling the Buffalo Buffaloes to victory with game-ending drives in two consecutive weeks.) Recent developments aside, most sports happiness comes via youtube, where the boffins have plucked the best little nuggets from world sporting events, thus eliminating the need to watch entire games. Folks will decry European-cum-Canadian snobbery and tell me to just go home, but if you're into sports at all, this has to make you smile:

Frank Lampard for Chelsea vs. Barcelona, October 31st, 2006

And this. . .this shouldn't be allowed:

At least not in the physical universe we inhabit.

Ronaldinho for Barcelona vs. Villareal, November 25, 2006


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