Monday, November 27, 2006

All I Want for Christmas!

My family has already begun asking me over the phone, via email, and even through text messaging what I want for Christmas. To me, all this question says is "I know nothing about your interests" (movies anyone?). Then I get that line stuck in my head, "all I want for Christmas," and to this, dear holiday shoppers, I give you a family comedy conveniently titled All I Want For Christmas (1991), the crown jewel of one pal's "ashamed" section of her video collection, and one that I would be proud to add to mine (Speed [1994] is lonely over there on that dusty corner shelf).

It's about two rich kids on the Upper East Side of Manhattan who live in a mansion with a gigantic Christmas tree that, I think, is adorned with diamonds. But their life is not perfect--you don't think money buys happiness? No, it buys precision taylored Burberry coats for your kids!

Ethan Embry and Thora Birch play the two kids devastated by their parents' divorce and intent on getting them back together for the holidays--it's "all they want for Christmas!"

You can expect appearances from a grandmotherly Lauren Bacall

Leslie Nielson as Santa Claus

Children acting like adults

And a very hunky dad!
(really it's James Sheridan)

Even Ebert loved it!

Happy Holidays, Everybody!


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