Thursday, June 15, 2006


It's over. The love, the loss, the alleyways and the fetid sweat. No more B-Noir for this gentleman. Back to the stolid worries of everyday life. No more reveries on Robert Ryan's hair or Ida Lupion's eyes. A shame.

Only one thing could cheer me up.

A list!

So, in descending order, the 16 films I watched in the series.

1. On Dangerous Ground (1952) dir. Nicholas Ray
2. Crime Wave (1954) dir. Andre de Toth
3. The Phenix City Story (1955) dir. Phil Karlson

Contained moments of beauty and terror:
4. The Set-Up (1949) dir. Robert Wise
5. The Big Night (1951) dir. Joseph Losey
6. Kansas City Confidential (1952) dir. Phil Karlson
7. The Killer Is Loose (1956) dir. Budd Boetticher
8. The Crimson Kimono (1959) dir. Sam Fuller

Technically adept and well paced:
9. M (1951) dir. Joseph Losey
10. Armored Car Robbery (1950) dir. Richard Fleischer
11. The Clay Pigeon (1949) dir. Richard Fleischer
12. My Name Is Julia Ross (1945) dir. Joseph H. Lewis

Contained moments of eccentricity:
13. Follow Me Quietly (1949) dir. Richard Fleischer
14. The Captive City (1952) dir. Robert Wise
15. The Dark Past (1948) dir. Rudolph Mate
16. Thunder Road (1958) dir. Arthur Ripley


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