Sunday, June 11, 2006

Another Page From the Termite Art Dictionary

Cult Film — "All cult really means today is that something is popular and no one foresaw its success. Some people get it. Others are assholes." -- John Waters, filmmaker

The term "cult film" has become totally devalued at this point, so it was utterly refreshing to find this rock-solid definition in John Waters' indispensible book Shock Value, freshly back in print after a lengthy absence from bookshelves. It's not surprising that Waters articulates perfectly a term that most hem and haw over; despite his reputation as the dude who made a drag queen eat dogshit on camera (a reputation, I'm sure, he's very proud to have), Waters remains one of the most unique, articulate voices in movieland, and an unsung pioneer of American independent film.

I welcome my fellow Termites to add their own glossary terms wherever they find them, and now, as a thank you for reading, an image of glamour:


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