Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Recommended Listening: Cinecast

If you're looking for a good podcasts about movies, I can't recommend one any better than Cinecast. Hosted by two passionate, but not overly obsessive movie fans named Adam and Sam, Cinecast boasts all the strengths of the podcast form. Over at the competition at Ebert & Roeper, the podcast is simply the audio track of their syndicated TV show, whose content is dictated by the constrictive form of commercial television. Ebert and Roeper cram five or more reviews into twenty minutes. On an average Cinecast, Adam and Sam can spend twenty minutes on a single film.

There are more experienced or knowledgable critics I suppose, but Adam and Sam have the conversational chemistry of good friends, whether you agree or disagree with either or both of them, it's simply a joy to listen to two individuals discuss a film as long as their intellectual curiosity demands. The twice-weekly show also includes spotlights on overlooked films, top five lists, and lots of listener interaction (another fun feature the big boys can't or don't include).

Best of all, it's free. In the immortal words of Ben Stiller, Do it. Do it.


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