Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Overheard at the video store...

"Stop eating you goddamn hippie!!"

My local video store has a truly eclectic staff — these aren't the stereotypical New York know-it-all video clerks (those work a little further up the block, and I used to be one of them). They're a lot tougher to categorize, though they aren't much friendlier. Case in point: I was browsing earlier this evening and I had my headphones on, but the movie playing in the store was so loud I'd turned off my music. So a clerk restocking the shelves assumed I was listening to something and couldn't hear him, when in fact, I wasn't and I could. He was muttering to himself about inconsequential things, when his coworker, a large bearded man indulging in some convenience store pastry, caught his eye. He shook his head and muttered the above to no one in particular.

And in case you're curious, I rented Sweet and Lowdown, to satisfy an urge for more Woody Allen after writing a review of Match Point, and Alone in the Dark the previous masterpiece by the world's most charmingly bad director Uwe Boll, because a)I'm reviewing his next movie b)It stars Christian Slater and Tara Reid and c)I like saying Uwe Boll.

(And in case you're further curious, the goddamn hippie approved of the former and looked interested by the latter. I was just glad he didn't make fun of me for renting a Tara Reid movie)


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