Thursday, June 05, 2008

Moving Image Source

A brief heads up to everyone in Termiteland: former Village Voice film editor, friend and former boss of Emmet and I, and honorary Termite Dennis Lim has launched his new venture and it's worth heading over to check it out. It's Moving Image Source, and the press release I received on it describes the site as a home for "original articles by leading critics, authors, and scholars; a calendar that highlights major retrospectives, festivals, and gallery exhibitions at venues around the world; and a regularly updated guide to online research resources."

But all you really need to know is Mr. Lim's in control and, with that being the case, there will be things worth reading over there (The initial onslaught includes pieces by Termite favs Jonathan Rosenbaum and Michael Atkinson. It's been added to our links on the left rail; I'll be clicking over regularly and advise you to do the same.


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