Friday, May 23, 2008

Images from Cannes 2008: Part the Triple

Surveillance director Jennifer Lynch was on 20 minutes sleep when we interviewed her. She stayed up all night eating kebabs after her premiere.

The President also came to me, looking for my advice on the situation in the Middle East.

Ok so it's just one of the many puppets on the amazing French TV show Les Guignols. We've been watching every night after our webshows and even though I can't understand a word, I love it. We got backstage and got to watch a dress rehearsal. Kind of the coolest thing in the world. This is me with the host of the show, who is a puppet of a French journalist who hosts the nightly news on another channel at the same time a puppet of him is making fun of him on Canal Plus.

And now a parting shot from the puppet labs:

Screw clowns, puppets are where the real nightmare fuel's at.



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