Wednesday, March 12, 2008

YouTubeArt: Roy Andersson Commercials!

So You, The Living was my favorite film at Rotterdam, and now I've just been blown away by Songs From the Second Floor. The director, Roy Andersson, is clearly a master, which you can see further in this series of commercials he directed for Swedish television. This is just a sample of the 400 or so he made, as opposed to the 4 features on his resume (the other two are from the 70s). I'm partial to the Lotto one (look at the dancers in the background!), but they're all brilliant (his teacher Ingmar Bergman called them the best commercials in the world):

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Blogger Josh W said...

Wow... you're not kidding. This guy is a genius. The one about 'Why we should be nice to each other' was surreal and creepy. Reminded me of "Brazil".

1:41 PM  

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