Wednesday, February 27, 2008


*Sasha Frere-Jones takes down that awful Oscar-winning song from Once: "Point that sinking boat somewhere else, fella". I release some spleen towards the film itself here.

*An informative survey about the "Frat Pack" is up at Sight & Sound. Old School was apparently based on Fight Club. Fascinating!

*Matt already linked to the Sarah Silverman-Jimmy Kimmel dueling fucking videos, but there's a knockoff one with Seth Rogen and Elizabeth Banks on the set of the new Kevin Smith movie. It's not nearly as good as its models, but worth a link.

*At Kaiju Shakedown, Grady Hendrix translates some German reviews of Johnnie To's Sparrow, which premiered at the Berlin fest. I'm dying to see it. Literally. But I've got Mad Detective coming in the mail, so that should tide me over well enough:


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