Monday, January 28, 2008


My first update on the festival for IFC News us up, and it's filled with delights you can't possibly imagine. In other news, the screening of Momma's Man has been cancelled for tonight, ruining my well hewn plans. Now I may just drink alone.

La France is one of the best things I've seen here, and luckily for you NYC folks, it's slotted to play the New Directors/New Films fest. An unclassifiable WW1 film that contains four whimsical musical numbers in the midst of a tale about haunted French deserters walking endlessly in their own no man's land. Shot with soft, delicate colors, mostly blues and greys, and composed in tableaus (the soldiers are almost always in group shots - when individuals are isolated, it is a privileged moment of revelation). And a beautiful last shot!

The sex shop on the corner has statues of cows in the window. I'm both frightened and intrigued, with intrigue winning out.

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Blogger Spinster Aunt said...

I enjoyed reading your IFC dispatch Rob, though I remain a one-blog woman.

Cows are pretty.

2:02 PM  

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