Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Marker, Murnau...

After a fairly painless moving day last Sunday, I finally have internet today. I've seen a number of fascinating films at the New York Film Festival since, although Flight of the Red Balloon is by far the best, but there's no time to dawdle in the past - there's cinema to see right now:

Now up on the Cahiers du cinema site, a new one minute video by Chris Marker, about a mysterious little creature named Leila (via GreenCine). Film blogger Craig Keller translates the Marker essay that accompanies it. It contains both thrills and chills. Watch it!

Dave Kehr links to a thread at the Criterion Collection forums that claims that F.W. Murnau's lost film, 4 Devils (1928) has been found! In Tacoma! But let us tread carefully here. I've spoken with a lady knowledgeable on this subject (and who has spoken with Janet Bergstrom, Murnau scholar at UCLA) and they're highly skeptical. The person claiming the discovery has yet to open the canisters to look at the reels, and even if it is the film, there's a great possibility of deterioration to the nitrate stock. But if it's true.....I'll smile a manly smile.


Blogger Wealthy Pete said...

That is indeed potentially very exciting, Open the reels already!

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