Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Another Tale of Spidey and The Electric Company

Long-time Termite Art readers will remember when, tracing the roots of my lifelong love of Spider-Man, I got a copy of The Best of the Electric Company DVD and discovered an episode where Spidey helps the New York Mets win a baseball game, thereby connecting multiple obsessions to one source.

Anyway, this year at San Diego Comic-Con, I bought myself something of a lavish present: a really nice piece of original art from the Electric Company comic book, Spidey's Super Stories. Here's what the piece looked like in print (the actual artwork is out being framed):

And to make an even better display piece, I bought a copy of the issue, Spidey Super Stories #8, to mount on the wall next to it. My piece is that back cover, but if you're curious, here's the eye-catching front, which promises groovy music and a subterranean villain with bad eyesight (needless to say the comic delivers all that and more):

So out of curiosity I'm flipping through the issue. And what do I find but an adaptation of the very same TEC episode where Spidey hangs with the Metropolitans and foils the incredibly asinine machinations of The Wall, a super-villains whose power is limited to being made of bricks. How did he get this power you ask? A bunch of bricks fell on him of course! Remember that, kids, when things fall on you, you become them. Yeah this is great reading material for children.

But who cares about the incredible lameness! Because now I have a print version of this:

Amazing! Hey Spidey -- what do you say? Do you want the Mets to get A-Rod?

Er. Okay...you could go, like, fight crime or something too y'know. Dude, when did Spider-Man become such a layabout?



Blogger NikkiDee said...

i'm not sure how i'm just finding this now, but i'm glad to find someone else who loves Spidey and the Mets as much as me, as well as that ridiculous the Wall story :]

3:25 PM  

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