Sunday, April 15, 2007

Classic Trailer Theater: Rambo III

I'm instigating a new, distinct strain of YouTubeArt devoted to movie trailers, which I love and which seem to be in delightfully plentiful supply on You Tube. Together let's first begin to study, and perhaps soon analyze, the fine art of crafting the perfect coming attraction. First up, RAMBO III:

-Notes: Observe the use of the old First Blood title in the voiceover.

-At this point, Stallone is just that: STALLONE, no first name, credit bigger than the movie's title. Obviously no one is going to see Rambo, they're going to see STALLONE as Rambo. Even the voiceover just calls him "Stallone." His first name shall not be uttered once. But what if someone confuses him with his brother Frank?

-Best line "God would have mercy. He won't!"

-Just for curiosity's sake, I counted the explosions in this under-two minute trailer: 16!

A brief video game related addendum:



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