Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Until next week, the balcony is prick

Here's a great video, spotted by The Village Voice's incomparable Ed Park. In it, a young Gene Siskel and Roger Ebert try to make a promo for their show back when it was called "Siskel and Ebert and the Movies," though, as you will see, there is some contentious debate about that point. Though their intentions are ultimately good — they're just trying to improve a mediocre promo to try to bring in more viewers — they are curt with their staff and downright mean to each other. Siskel gets the last laugh when he storms off to the tune of "Siskel...and Ebert...and the asshole!"

It's kind of embarrassing for them, and yet, I can't help feel this sort of bitter, feuding relationship was really what gave the spark to "Siskel and Ebert" back when I was actually a loyal viewer. Today, Ebert's softened a bit and Siskel is, alas, departed, replaced by Roeper, who has better hair (not necessarily a good thing). Anyway, I work on camera for IFC, and the video of Siskel & Ebert serves as a good reminder: never be a dick to anyone when the cameras are rolling. The link to the video is housed in the post title. Get clicking!



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