Monday, November 10, 2008

Shaquille O'Neal, Twitter Poet

Shaq has a Twitter feed, and he's a lyric genius. Some samples:

"Terrorizing Coach Ivaroni's bigs tonight. The Sun will rise in Phoenix. I am The Big Frodo."

"Grizz in town. Oza dropped Vitamin C at my door. I am Osama bin Shaq."

"I am Superman. And the only thing that can kill Superman is Kryptonite. And Kryptonite doesn’t exist."

"Voted Obama. Barak [sic] told me I can guard the nuclear football codes"

"Money just text me, said he wants me in his next ad with Seinfeld..told him The Big Cactus rocks a MacBook Pro"

If I were a painter, you’d be calling me Shaqcasso"

I suppose it could be an impostor, but I choose to believe. And to savor.

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