Wednesday, November 28, 2007

AT LAST! The Awesome Might of The Gymkommentary!!! (Updated w/ iTunes instructions!)

How I envy you, my friends. How I envy you, of what you are about to see and hear and experience and enjoy. Long have I spoken about the awesome majesty of Gymkata, the second greatest movie of all time. Now you can experience Gymkata as director Robert Clouse never intended: with my obnoxious comments playing over top of it. I give you: GYMKOMMENTARY!

That delightful image was created by my good friend, Chris Moreno, who introduced me to all the Gymagic in the first place and who joins me on the GYMKOMMENTARY to help provide witty one-liners and thoughtful insight.

In order to enjoy the GYMKOMMENTARY you will need to download the file from any of the links in this post. Then you'll need to procure a copy of the movie itself (you can buy it here or rent it from Netflix). Then just follow the easy to use synch up instructions right in the commentary track itself.

The file is free for all to enjoy. I'm working to get it listed on iTunes, and if you do like it, let me or Chris know. Because there may be more of these in your future if you do...

UPDATE 12/01/07: Okay, if you have iTunes, here's an easy way to download the file directly to your player. Open iTunes then go "Advanced" to "Subscribe to Podcast" and then enter this link:

That should do it! Hopefully a listing in the iTunes Store to come shortly.



Blogger Wealthy Pete said...

What's more geeky, the one who makes the Gymkata commentary, or the one who listens to it?

I'm so excited!!

10:27 AM  

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