Thursday, June 28, 2007

Interesting News: Spike Lee Comes to Broadway

This one had slipped under my radar, so I'm posting a link here to the article in The New York Times. Spike Lee's directing his first Broadway production, a revival of the play Stalag 17 which Billy Wilder turned into one of his best and most underappreciated movies:

“Although he has never worked in the theater and couldn’t recall the last play he attended, Mr. Lee, in an interview this week, said the idea of doing stage work was not completely foreign to him..."I just don’t want to do the old okey-doke thing, dust off some old piece and make a revival,” Mr. Lee said. “If I’m going to make this venture, this debut to the stage, I have to try to come up with some things that are going to make it interesting for me.”

I'd probably be interested in any play Lee chose to direct — but the addition of a fine source material and the chance to compare Lee's interests with Wilder's, one of my favorite directors (and, apparently, one of Lee's) makes this a must-see, or at least a must-wait-and-see depending on the reviews. Look for the show Spring '08.


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