Friday, December 22, 2006

An Important Message

As the tireless Matt Singer mentioned, we've almost reached the one-year anniversary here at Termite Art, and we're going to celebrate the only way we know how - with lists! Sure, you've all gasped at the grandeur of our picks on Indiewire and IFC, but those peerless publications are so restricting. Here at Termite Art anything goes, so any festival or one-off screenings are fair game. I know my ten adorable little moving pictures will be much altered because of this promiscuity. Call us whores if you must. I won't take offense. Because we won't be doing it alone. No...we have friends. Orgy friends. Smartypants Michael Anderson over at Tativille, Mike Lyon at the soon to be resurgent Tits & Gore (it has both!), and Pamela Kerpius at Seen will be spewing forth their loves and hates of the year that was. Other poor blogless friends will also contribute, but they shant be named until the moment is right. It all starts on December 29. We look forward to your patronage.


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