Thursday, May 25, 2006

What's wrong with this DVD box?

This is the box for the just-released-on-DVD Bloodrayne. Looks fine, right?

Take another look at the bottom of the box. Notice the quote, which reads "An action packed thrill ride!" Note, however, that this quotation is not a quotation, and contains neither the appropriate punctuation or an attribution because, in fact, no one, anywhere, ever, on any planet in the solar system has referred to Bloodrayne as neither action packed, nor a thrill ride.

Classy move, inventing quotes for the DVD box of your movie that everyone hated (in fairness, it's kind of lovable in its complete cruditude). But wait -- there's more! On the back of the box there's another quote! That one reads "One hell of a ride!" That one's not just unattributed, it's redundant! You already told us it's a great ride on the front, will another non-quote quote saying the same thing on the back sway me to spend my DVD dollars? "Y'know...I've heard this Bloodrayne is quite the ride! I believe I shall purchase it post haste and then ride home in my ride so that I can ride the ride that is Bloodride!"

This is why I love Uwe Boll.


Blogger NYC Sassy Gal said...

What's wrong with the DVD box?

1. Ben Kingsley is in this movie?
2. Where is Ben Kingsley's title of "Sir"?

9:31 AM  

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